Bus no longer stops at Budel asylum seekers’ center after incidents

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The bus stop at the asylum seekers’ center is closed for the time being

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No bus will stop at the asylum seekers’ center in Budel for the time being. This has been decided by the carrier Hermes because bus drivers have been attacked.

The measure has been in effect since the end of last week. Hermes tells Omroep Brabant that there were daily incidents between bus drivers and asylum seekers.

“This is often about not wanting to pay for a ticket,” says a spokesman. “If the bus driver says anything about it, things quickly escalate. Sometimes with the result that the bus driver is even threatened or spat on.”

Children also have to walk

The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) is not happy with the measure. “There are also children who come from Weert to the school at the AZC. They first took the bus, but now have to walk from Maarheeze station. That takes thirty minutes. More children will come from the region after the carnival holiday.”

Hamza Boudsi and Nouri Hahemi from Morocco and Algeria have been living at the asylum seekers’ center in Budel for almost a month. They tell Omroep Brabant that they regularly tried to get on the bus without money. “But it’s not that we made problems. If it didn’t work out, we just left,” says Hamza. “If I had money, I would pay.”

It is not yet clear how long the measure will remain in effect.

  • Permanent access control at Maarheeze station due to nuisance to asylum seekers
  • Azc Budel will close in 2024, the municipality is fed up with violent incidents
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