Burning Man festival visitors go home after days in the mud 01:16 in Abroad , Culture & Media As a result of heavy rainfall, some 70,000 visitors were forced to stay in their camps and to use food and drink sparingly. The storm is now over.

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Burning Man festival goers leave
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After being stuck in the mud for days, the tens of thousands of visitors to the Burning Man festival in the United States can go home. The road to and from the site has dried up enough and is passable again. “The driving ban has therefore been lifted,” the organizers report. However, there is now a huge traffic jam and the waiting time to leave the site has risen to 7 hours.

Due to heavy rains, some 70,000 visitors to the festival in Nevada’s Black Rock desert had been forced to stay in their camps since Friday and to use food and water sparingly.

Tens of thousands of festival goers leave the Burning Man grounds:

‘Glad I came without a car’

Festival Burning Man was created in 1986 as a celebration of the solstice, where a meter-high wooden man was set on fire by way of a bonfire. Since then, the event has grown into a massive annual desert festival. Tens of thousands of revelers, artists, hippies, anarchists and exhibitionists spend days building an experimental society in the desert during Burning Man.

The traditional burning of the meter-high wooden dummy was also planned this year, but had to be postponed due to bad weather. The ‘temple’ that is built annually by festival goers and set on fire at the end of the festival will be burned tomorrow.

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