Burglars arrested red-handed in Krommenie

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Krommenie – The police arrested two men red-handed on Wednesday, January 31, after a burglary on Witte Klaverlaan. The suspects, a 33-year-old man from Beverwijk and a 30-year-old man from IJmuiden, are in custody and their role is being further investigated.

Around 10.55 am, the police received a report of a red-handed home burglary in which the resident allegedly saw the burglars on camera images. After the police arrived on the scene, they saw one suspect run through the roof into the alley. After a chase, they were able to arrest the suspect. Officers then managed to arrest the second suspect after a search and with the help of a police dog.

The residents were not at home during the burglary.

Call 911 if you see someone breaking into something

Residents know best when something is not right in their neighborhood. A stranger peeking into houses, for example. Or activities at a house where you know the residents are on holiday. If you call 112, the police may be able to prevent a burglary or arrest a burglar in the act! Calling 112 is intended for emergencies. So not only for life-threatening situations, but certainly also when you witness a crime or are preparing for a burglary or theft.

This way you make it difficult for burglars

Burglars take advantage of the opportunity presented to them. You make it extra difficult for them by:

  • Approved hinges and locks on windows, (garage) doors and any skylights.
  • A special lock on a burglar-sensitive sliding door.
  • Sufficient outdoor lighting.
  • Timer switches on all floors of your house. Have your interior lights turn on and off at different times.

Read more information about home burglaries here.


Information source: Politie.nl

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