Bunkers discovered in Vlissingen were for injured German soldiers in WWII Yesterday, 20:50 in Regional News The soldiers patrolled the North Sea and were often injured in attacks by British fighter planes.

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Two bunkers discovered in May under a building plot in Vlissingen served as a gathering place for wounded German soldiers in World War II. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the Walcheren Archaeological Service, who are investigating the shelters together with the Bunker Conservation Foundation.

The soldiers patrolled the North Sea and were often injured in attacks by British fighter aircraft, writes Omroep Zeeland. They were taken by ship to the bunkers, where they could be operated on. The rooms were heated with a heater and rugs hung on the walls.

“Originally this was an ammunition bunker, but the bunker has been adapted as a gathering place for the wounded. This bunker is part of a hospital bunker complex, which consists of five bunkers,” explains Bernard Meijlink of the Walcheren Archaeological Service.

A bunker is set up as a shelter for the wounded:

Two bunkers are being excavated in Vlissingen

Fork, ladle and boot

Everyday items such as a soup spoon, a fork and a boot were found in the bunkers. Life jackets were also found. These were probably for German soldiers who came from Normandy. They were handed out the life jackets at Breskens and left them in the bunkers.

“With these things, the soldiers who were here during the Second World War come close,” says Meijlink. The found items go to the Zeeuws Depot.

Items found in the bunker

It is unclear whether the bunkers will be preserved. The historical value has yet to be determined on the basis of the research. Based on the advice of the researchers, the municipality will make a decision about the future of the shelters. This also includes the fact that the bunkers are located under a building plot, the municipality says.

Two years ago, a bunker from the Second World War was also discovered in Vlissingen. This happened during work on the site of a former hotel. This bunker was later demolished.

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