Budget Day Protest SP attracts around 1,500 people to The Hague 4:46 PM in Politics With the action, the party wants to draw attention to the rising costs in the run-up to Budget Day, next Tuesday.

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SP members prior to their protest march through The Hague
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The SP held the Budget Day Protest in The Hague. With the action, the party wants to draw attention to the rising costs for citizens. According to the ANP news agency, there were about 1,500 demonstrators on the scene.

SP leader Lilian Marijnissen was one of the speakers. A number of healthcare providers also told their stories on stage. “A million people in the Netherlands are at risk of falling into poverty, but this government thinks that sticking a Band-Aid is enough,” Marijnissen said.

“While shareholders are getting rich and the number of millionaires is growing rapidly, this government wants to cut back on healthcare. The costs for daily life keep rising. We cannot wait, action must be taken now.”

In her speech, Marijnissen again advocated nationalizing the energy sector.

Protest march through The Hague

The action ended with a protest march through The Hague. The demonstrators, who came from all over the country, walked behind a large banner that read “Stand up for the Netherlands”.

The day after tomorrow is Budget Day. The government has announced measures to combat poverty. But according to the demonstrators, it is not enough and social security is in danger.

Last year there was also a Budget Day protest. At that time it was estimated that there were about 2000 people.

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