Brundle ‘disappointed’ in Hamilton and Wolff: ‘Were also rightly recognized for their dominance’

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Brundle 'disappointed' in Hamilton and Wolff: 'Were also rightly recognized for their dominance'

Martin Brundle is disappointed in the negative words of Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton towards Max Verstappen. The former Formula 1 driver believes that the performance of the Red Bull Racing driver deserves only praise. The Dutchman managed to break the record for the most consecutive Grand Prix victories after his victory at Monza. During the Italian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz and Sergio Pérez also managed to impress Brundle.

At the Monza circuit, Verstappen took victory for the tenth time in a row. With that, the Red Bull driver now holds the record for most victories in a row on his own. “What an achievement to maintain that level flawlessly on different circuits and in varying weather conditions, against powerful opponents,” Brundle writes in his column for Sky Sports. “If any other sports team were so dominant, they would rightly be praised worldwide. That should also apply to this duo.’

“So I was a little surprised and disappointed that Hamilton and Wolff downplayed this achievement this weekend, as they deservedly received appreciation and recognition during their years of total dominance,” the reporter continued. Wolff stated after the race that the statistics are only fun for Wikipedia. Brundle is disappointed in the reaction of the Mercedes men, but understands that things go hard in a competitive world. “At the same time, Max and Red Bull will undoubtedly look back on some previous actions and words that brought down the appreciation for Mercedes.”

Two drivers besides Verstappen stand out in Monza

In addition to Verstappen, other drivers also deserve praise in Brundle’s eyes. At the front there was a hard fight for the positions on the podium for several laps. Sainz’s defense against Verstappen, Pérez and his own teammate Leclerc was brilliant, albeit borderline at times. He positioned his car perfectly and resisted attempts by other drivers to pass him on the outside, particularly at turn one. It was great to see and credit to the FIA ​​stewards for allowing hard racing.’

It was also a striking performance from Sergio Pérez’, Brundle continues. The Mexican had to fight George Russell, Charles Leclerc and Sainz, and managed to beat them all. With that, the Red Bull driver finished in P2 and strengthens that same position in the championship. “I think even more important for him is that this will give him a lot of confidence for the last eight races. I feel he’s in good shape mentally after some difficult races,” said Brundle.

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