Bruins Slot: disappointing that regional transport will be discontinued tomorrow

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Minister Bruins Slot calls on the regional transport unions to organize the strikes in such a way that people can go to the polling station. Today it was announced that FNV and CNV want to suspend their strikes until next week. But that suspension should not take effect until Thursday. This means that action will also be taken on the day of the elections for Provincial Councils and water boards.

The minister emphasizes that the right to strike is a fundamental right, but she finds it “really annoying and disappointing” that there will be a strike on election day. She points out that people with a disability can depend on regional transport to reach the polling station. “And in a democracy, casting your vote is extremely important.”


She therefore hopes that the unions will “go on strike in a public-friendly way” and want to bring people who depend on regional transport to the polling station. Bruins Slot also calls on people in society to assist with transport. And she adds that there are also municipalities that use taxis.

Strikes have been going on in regional transport for weeks, as a result of which there are far fewer buses, trains and trams. The intention is that unions and employers, led by mediators, try to get the talks on a new collective agreement going smoothly.

Last week, State Secretary Heijnen of Infrastructure also called on the unions to take the elections into account.

  • Regional transport is on strike on election day, but not for the time being
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