Bredanaar (34) suspected of involvement in the trade in fireworks via Telegram

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Breda – A 34-year-old man from Breda was arrested by the police on Tuesday, September 5, 2023. He is suspected of involvement in and facilitating the trade in heavily illegal fireworks via Telegram’s messaging service. The suspect’s home was searched by the police under the direction of an examining magistrate.

In recent months, the environmental team of the Zeeland-West Brabant police has conducted an intensive investigation into the provision of professional fireworks to private individuals via the Telegram messaging service. The detectives got a view of a group on which heavy professional fireworks were traded. The administrator on this service was anonymous, but could still be identified by the police after investigation. It concerns a 34-year-old Breda resident. He has previously been convicted of offering heavy fireworks to private individuals. On Tuesday afternoon, September 5, 2023, this administrator was arrested by the police in consultation with the public prosecutor. The Telegram site where professional fireworks were traded was subsequently taken offline. The suspect has been taken into custody and is being heard. The police and the judiciary are conducting further investigations into the other group managers, suppliers and buyers of the fireworks

Higher punishments
Since 2011, the Public Prosecution Service has been demanding higher penalties for storing, handling, making and detonating (homemade) (professional) fireworks. Scientific research by TNO has shown that the explosive power of some of these fireworks items is comparable to the power of an assault grenade. Acts involving professional fireworks (i.e. fireworks not intended for consumers and approved) constitute crimes and convicts end up in the Judicial Documentation Register. This means that from that moment on they have a criminal record and in many cases a VOG can no longer be issued (link to question about VOG). In addition, prison sentences and community service are imposed.

If you suspect that (prohibited) consumer fireworks are being traded, transported, etc., we always ask you to report this to the police. You can do this via 0900-8844, but also anonymously via Meld Misdaad Anoniem on 0800-7000. Or digital

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