Brawn hopes that Red Bull will follow the example of Mercedes: ‘That was a great year’

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Brawn hopes that Red Bull will follow the example of Mercedes: 'That was a great year'

Ross Brawn would like to see Red Bull Racing replace Sergio Pérez with a driver who can compete with Max Verstappen. The former sporting director of Formula 1 notes that the Austrian team is very dominant in 2023, but that there was hardly any internal struggle between the two Red Bull drivers. The Briton therefore hopes that Red Bull will follow an example from Mercedes.

The RB19 has proven to be an exceptionally fast car this year. In no fewer than nineteen of the twenty GPs held so far, a Red Bull car crossed the line first. The gap to the competition is enormous, but according to Brawn this will change over time. “Even though they dominate the sport now, there will eventually be a challenger,” the Brit told Talksport.

Red Bull must replace Pérez

With a dominant Red Bull, there will be little tension in 2023. But internally too there was hardly any conflict. The contrast between the two drivers is great. Verstappen was the strongest seventeen times, while Pérez was only allowed to sit on the highest step of the podium twice. The difference in points is also exceptionally large. The three-time world champion has more than double the Mexican’s number.

Brawn would therefore like to see Red Bull say goodbye to Pérez. ‘To be honest, what I would like is for someone to come into the other car and be more competitive. Unfortunately, Sergio (Pérez, ed.) has not been able to compete with Max (Verstappen, ed.),” says the 68-year-old, who then makes a comparison with Mercedes.

A few years ago, Mercedes was also by far the strongest team, but at that time there was a battle between the two drivers of the German manufacturer. ‘If you have a dominant car, you can also put someone in the other car who will ensure that it remains exciting. Consider, for example, (Nico, ed.) Rosberg and (Lewis, ed.) Hamilton. That was a great year, despite Mercedes dominating the sport,” Brawn refers to the year 2016.

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