Boys arrested after robberies in Barendrecht

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Barendrecht – Shortly after two girls were robbed of their phones in Barendrecht on March 13, the police arrested four boys. These are three 15-year-olds from Hoogvliet, Rotterdam and Rhoon and a 13-year-old boy from Rotterdam.

A 16-year-old girl from Barendrecht got off the bus at the bus stop on the Portlandse Baan around 1:30 PM and walked on the cycle path towards the Riederhagen. Three boys walked up to her and one of them grabbed her phone from her hands. The girl called after the boys, but the perpetrators ran away with the phone. The victim was left stunned and upset. She immediately filed a report.

Second robbery
The officers who recorded her report had to interrupt it when it was reported that a second girl had been the victim of a robbery. Now a 15-year-old girl from Barendrecht was the target. She was sitting at a bus stop waiting for the bus when three boys walked up to her. One of them took her phone and ran away. The girl ran after two of the three boys, but could not keep up. While she was walking back to the bus stop, one of the boys tried to steal her bag, but failed. This girl was also very upset.

Several officers, including the officers who reported the first robbery, responded to this second robbery. Witnesses saw the officers searching and helped them find the suspects and four boys were soon found in the area and arrested.

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