Boys (13 and 15) arrested on suspicion of killing a man in Amsterdam Yesterday, 4:53 PM in the Netherlands The two minors are associated with several violent incidents in Amsterdam-Noord, the police report.

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Officers at the scene of the fatal assault in Amsterdam-Noord
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The police have arrested two minors in Amsterdam on suspicion of manslaughter. The 42-year-old victim was found by bystanders at the end of August with a paving stone on his head. The Turkish man succumbed to serious head injuries a few days later.

The two suspects are 13 and 15 years old. They are suspected of killing the victim with violence. The police report that they are suspected of more recent violent incidents in Amsterdam North.

NDSM Square

The fatal incident happened on the night of Saturday 26 to Sunday 27 August at the NDSM Square. The victim was resuscitated and taken to hospital. He died there on September 1. Police report that he leaves behind four children.

Initially it was unclear what had happened to him. A police spokesperson told city channel AT5 on August 27 that he was found by bystanders “under suspicious circumstances”. He was no longer approachable.

A Large-Scale Investigation Team was assigned to the case. “Detectives quickly tracked down the two young suspects,” police wrote. They were arrested on September 11. Today the two minors were brought before the examining magistrate, who remanded them in custody for a period of fourteen days.

Robbery and arson

The suspects were previously arrested for two robberies in the vicinity of the NDSM site. It is also being investigated whether they can be linked to previous robberies on the street.

The 13- and 15-year-old boys are also suspected of theft of a rainbow flag in Amsterdam-Noord. This flag was set on fire and dumped in a waste container. In connection with this, the boy is suspected of insulting a group, theft, vandalism and arson.

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