Books Roald Dahl also remain available in original version

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Dahl’s books are also reprinted in the original version
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After a storm of criticism over the adaptation of texts in Roald Dahl’s books, British children’s book publisher Puffin has announced that the original versions will also remain available. These books will be published under the Penguin label, Puffin’s parent company.

Puffin and the Roald Dahl Story Company announced last week that they had edited portions of Dahl’s children’s books on the advice of sensitivity readers to bring them “up to date” and make them accessible to everyone.

In particular, descriptions of characters were adjusted. For example, words such as “fat” and “ugly” disappeared from the description of people and some characterizations were made gender neutral.


Well-known writers, including Salman Rushdie, spoke of censorship and British Prime Minister Sunak also reacted critically. He advocated “preserving and not retouching” Dahl’s work.

Queen consort Camilla has also spoken out against the changes, according to British media, by urging writers at a literary meeting to remain true to themselves and their calling. “Don’t let those who want to limit your freedom of speech or limit your imagination hold you back,” she said.

Choose by yourself

Publisher Penguin seems to have taken the criticism seriously. Francesca Dow, the publishing house’s director, says the decision to publish both the original and edited texts arose from the national debate that arose over the changes. According to her, this once again made the “extraordinary power” of Dahl’s books clear. “By releasing the books in both versions, readers can choose for themselves how they want to experience the stories,” says Dow.

De Fontein, the publisher of the Dutch version of Roald Dahl’s work, has already announced that the choice of words in the author’s books will not be changed for the time being.

Dahl died in 1990 at the age of 74. In 2020, his family apologized for anti-Semitic comments he made in an interview. According to his grandchildren, these “biased comments were a stark contrast to the man we knew.”

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