‘Bom attack delivery van in Enschede was aimed at Saudarah member’

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An explosive that exploded in a delivery van in Enschede on Friday morning may have been a targeted attack on a resident of Borne, who is a member of Saudarah, a support group of the banned motorcycle club Satudarah. According to RTV Oost, the victim appears to be in police file Festina, about a violent gang.

Deliver lamps

The explosion on Burgmeester Stroinkstraat destroyed a van in which the man was sitting. The victim did not suffer a scratch, writes RTV Oost. According to neighbours, the driver of the van rang the doorbell at a house just before 10:30 am to deliver lamps, but the residents said they had not ordered any lamps. The victim had said that he had to deliver the lamps at 10.30 am and just after he left an explosive device exploded in the van at that time.

The van was destroyed and burned out. A metal plate even ended up in a tree. Miraculously, the victim was blown out of the van without a scratch.


The detective is investigating whether the attack is related to the Saudarah background of the victim. The man is a member of Saudarah, a support group of the banned motorcycle club Satudarah. His name also appears in the Festina police file, in which the judiciary suspects the man of having been part of a gang together with a group of other Saudarah members.

In March 2018, the thugs allegedly took an employee of a transport company in the Achterhoek hostage and assaulted them. The then girlfriend of the abused man was also taken hostage. The two were threatened with a gun and a knife.


De Bornenaar was eventually given 60 hours of community service and a fine for this. The man, who himself survived an attack on Friday morning, would be a rather striking appearance due to his corpulent build and his many tattoos, many of which are in his face.

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