Body found in the undercarriage of an airplane after a flight from Amsterdam to Istanbul 2:46 PM in Regional news The body was in a plane of the Turkish Airlines airline. The Turkish authorities are investigating the circumstances and the identity of the deceased.

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Turkish Airlines aircraft at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul

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A body was found in the landing gear of a plane that flew from Schiphol to Turkey yesterday after arriving in Istanbul.

The body was located under an Airbus A330 of the Turkish airline Turkish Airlines. It was found during a maintenance inspection.

The victim’s identity is not yet known. It is also not clear how and where the victim ended up on the plane. According to a spokesperson for the military police, the aircraft made “several stops”.


According to NH News, three Turkish Airlines passenger planes and one cargo plane of that type flew from Schiphol to Istanbul yesterday. A spokesperson for the military police cannot tell the regional broadcaster which flight it concerns. “We will contact the Turkish authorities.” Both Turkish Airlines and the Turkish police are investigating.

Earlier this year, a body was found in the landing gear at Schiphol. According to the military police, it was a stowaway.

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