Blog: Most people are good

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Netherlands – ‘I came across all kinds of small, sweet and beautiful things during my work today. We go out into the street and during the surveillance round a homeless man approaches us. He says he has found a passport.’

‘We call the unsuspecting owner of the passport and then deliver it to their home address. The boy is overjoyed and wants to thank us by giving us money. Nice intentions, but of course this is just our job. “Give it to a homeless person, or someone who might need it,” my colleague answers.

Throughout the service there are even more small, sweet things that you especially see if you pay attention to them. We also have conversations about why we became who we are and how that came to be. It is not an exciting service, but it is a beautiful one because of the special encounters and conversations.

I end up too tired to cook in the evening. I walk out of the takeaway restaurant and again a homeless man approaches me: “I think this is your glove.” He’s standing there, with my new glove in his hand… “Yes, thank you… Would you like something to eat?” I say. “No, I’m not hungry,” he says. I wonder how long he had been waiting for me and give him some change from my jacket pocket. “Breakfast for tomorrow then,” I say. He does not tackle it immediately and says: “Only if you have enough yourself”.
I assure him that I really have enough and offer to get him something else he needs. “No. I received a warm scarf today and the night shelter is open, so I am satisfied.” He shakes change with his hand, after which he says: “And I think this is really sweet.” I wave my glove, which I didn’t know I had lost, and answer: “I think this is very sweet!”

Most people are good. And a handful of change may not make any real difference. But together we make a difference! We are busy with things going on in the world: injustice, human rights violations… But we must not forget: Most people are good. Take it from me!’

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