Billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed dies at the age of 94

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Mohamed Al-Fayed
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Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed has died at the age of 94. The Egyptian owned, among other things, the British luxury department store Harrods and the London football club Fulham. He also became known for having the death of his son Dodi and his girlfriend Princess Diana extensively investigated because he suspected a conspiracy.

Al-Fayed was born in Egypt, where he started a transport company with his brother, among other things. He was an adviser to the Sultan of Brunei and had close ties to the wealthy Saudi businessman Adnan Khashoggi.

In 1974 Al-Fayed moved from Egypt to the United Kingdom. He bought, among other things, the Ritz Hotel in Paris. He then bought the prestigious British department store Harrods with his brother. There was criticism from rival buyers that the brothers were not honest about where their money came from, but the sale went ahead. Al-Fayed would remain the owner of the department store until 2010.

Football club

In 1997 he took over the London football club Fulham. He wanted to take the club to the Premier League, the highest English football division, with a capital injection. He succeeded in 2001. In 2013 he sold the club to the American-Pakistani businessman Shahid Khan.

In the same year as the purchase of Fulham, Al-Fayed’s son Dodi became romantically involved with Princess Diana. The pair died on August 31 in a car accident in Paris. They were chased by the paparazzi, were not wearing their seat belts and their driver was found to have had too much to drink.


Mohamed Al-Fayed was convinced that the British royal family was behind the crash. Partly because, according to him, they wanted to prevent Diana from marrying a Muslim. According to him, the couple was engaged and would announce it soon. He poured much of his own money into an investigation into their deaths, but nothing concrete ever came of it.

In 2005, Al-Fayed had a statue of Diana and Dodi erected in Harrods. The bronze statue showed the couple releasing a bird. The plinth read “Innocent Victims”. The statue was removed in 2018 and moved to the businessman’s estate in Surrey.

Mohamed Al-Fayed at the statue of his son and Diana

A service was held for the businessman at a mosque in central London yesterday. He was then buried next to his son Dodi on his estate.

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