Belgian police find 4000 kilos of cocaine thanks to navigation app

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Police car (for illustration)
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Thanks to the navigation app of two arrested Dutchmen, the Belgian police have found a warehouse containing a large amount of cocaine.

The men, aged 27 and 46, were arrested last night near Turnhout, after the police had received a report of a suspicious situation. Several cars with Dutch license plates drove back and forth in the area.

The car containing the two was stopped and the Dutch could not explain why they were in Belgium. It turned out that they had already been arrested for drug-related offenses in the Netherlands. A third man managed to escape the Belgian police check, but was arrested shortly afterwards. It is not known what nationality he has.

Bags of drugs were in a container

On a navigation app on one of the phones of the suspected Dutch men, the police saw an address of a warehouse stored in Ravels. At the address, the police found a container in which 68 bags of cocaine were hidden.

There were also seven other men in the shed, who were arrested. Their nationality has not been disclosed. The dozen are being questioned and are still in custody.

The Public Prosecution Service estimates the weight of the drugs at almost 4000 kilos, but that needs to be further investigated. Based on previous catches, the street value at that weight could be well above 100 million euros.

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