Belgian government is increasing security in the port of Antwerp

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The Belgian government has come up with plans to tackle drug crime in the country. Among other things, she wants to appoint a police force in the port of Antwerp, better screen staff there, and appoint a special drugs commissioner.


The so-called National Security Council of Belgium has come up with a plan to better tackle the drug mafia. The responsible ministers announced in a press conference on Thursday afternoon how they intend to do this. This is what the Gazet van Antwerpen reports today.

Prime Minister De Croo again called the fight against drug crime a top priority for the government at the press conference. “The right to security is a basic right,” he said. “We have a package of measures that should eradicate it by the roots.”


Among other things, there will be a new ‘drug commissioner’. He must be the “flywheel to drive the fight against drugs,” said Belgium’s Justice Minister Van Quickenborne. This minister was recently in the news because he was allegedly threatened by drug criminals. Some Dutch suspects were also arrested in the vicinity of his house, with weapons in their car.

There will also be extra police to protect the port, with 86 new employees. There will also be better scanners for the port, and the fence will be expanded and security will be improved. There will also be new legislation that will make it possible for mayors to close cases that are used to launder money.


After that, the fines for recreational use of substances will be increased to 1000 euros. Addicted users receive a mandatory withdrawal course.

The Belgian authorities are also going, writes the Antwerp newspaper, in consultation with the Emirates, to see whether wanted Belgian criminals can be extradited. So far, that has not been successful once, the Gazet wrote earlier.

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