Belgian Court of Cassation investigates Greg Remmers’ conviction

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Belgian Court of Cassation investigates Greg Remmers' conviction

Vinkeveen “godfather” Greg Remmers (75), who was convicted in the Eris liquidation process, was transferred to Brussels on Friday. He will be heard there by the Belgian Court of Cassation.


A reliable source reports to Crimesite that the Court is considering the extortion case in which Greg Remmers was sentenced to four years in prison both by the court and on appeal. Remmers appealed in cassation because he disputes the authenticity of a witness statement against him.

Messed up

In 2021, Remmers was sentenced to four years in prison by the Antwerp court for his involvement in the extortion of a jeweler. A group of members of a Dutch motorcycle club, together with Remmers, demanded 1.8 million euros from the man. The jeweler is said to have botched a previous money laundering transaction.

In the evidence against Greg Remmers, a witness statement against him plays an important role: ‘that old man’ is said to have given the order. Remmers has provided evidence that casts doubt on this statement.

For the purpose of the Court’s investigation, Remmers will spend seven weeks in Belgian detention.

Six years

In court, the Public Prosecution Service demanded a life sentence in the Eris trial in 2022 because he allegedly had several murders carried out with members of the motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh. However, the court only convicted him of membership of a criminal organization and sentenced him to prison for six years and nine months. At the beginning of this month, the Public Prosecution Service again demanded a life sentence against Remmers on appeal.

Greg Remmers is the father of Jesse Remmers, who was sentenced to life in prison in the Passage trial for carrying out a series of liquidations.

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