Bear caught that fatally injured jogger in Italy 11:42 Abroad The local authorities in northern Italy want the animal to be killed.

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The animal was anesthetized
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Italy has captured a bear that attacked a jogger in the north of the country last week. The runner died of his injuries.

Andrea Papi, 26, was jogging in a mountainous area when the animal attacked. His family raised the alarm after Papi did not return home. The man was found with serious injuries to the neck, arms and chest.

The authorities of the Trento region announced this morning that the animal was captured last night. They had previously ordered the bear to be tracked down and killed, but a court has temporarily suspended that decision. The animal is therefore currently in a special shelter for wild animals.

Animal rights activists oppose the slaughter of the beast: they emphasize that the animals normally stay away from people. People should stay away from areas where female bears raise their cubs, activists say. Bears enjoy the status of a protected species in Italy.

Previous attack

The bear, named Jj4, also injured a father and son who were hiking in the region in 2020. They survived the attack. Even then, the order was given to kill the animal, but a court eventually prevented that.

The bear, a 17-year-old female, is a descendant of two bears brought to Italy from Slovenia decades ago as part of a European program to get more bears to the Alps. Between 1996 and 2004, the animals were released into the area. In recent years, the population has continued to increase and the animals come into contact with people more often.

Papi’s relatives have indicated that they do not want the animal to be killed.

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