BBB wants to get rid of a nitrogen minister and asks for more influence for those with practical training Yesterday, 6:03 PM in Politics The party also states in the election manifesto that there should be an asylum quota and that everyone should be able to see three trees from their home.

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Presentation BBB candidates last week
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The BBB wants a different style of governance if the party participates in government. The election manifesto From Crisis of Confidence to Noaberstaat contains all kinds of proposals to regain citizens’ confidence in the government. To begin with, they should be given much more of a say.

Caroline van der Plas’ party has put its election manifesto online today. The first part is all about management culture. It once again states that we must say goodbye to the “white-collar government”. In other words: “Excel and spreadsheet thinking” must make way for what the party calls the “legs-in-the-clay thinking” of the “practically educated”.

The BBB also no longer wants a coalition agreement with strict agreements. Instead, there must be a management agreement that includes a long-term vision. Entrepreneurs. The idea is that farmers and citizens can help shape this.

BBB no longer wants a separate minister for Nature and Nitrogen. There must be a Minister of Agriculture, Nature, Fisheries and Food Quality (fisheries is not currently in the name) and the subject of nitrogen must be divided among this ministry, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Board and the yet-to-be-reestablished Ministry of Housing and Spatial Planning .

Asylum quota, right to serve and three trees per view

The second part of the election manifesto contains positions on other topics. For example, the party wants an asylum quota in which no more than 15,000 asylum seekers, including following travelers, are accommodated per year. These must be distributed “fairly” across the country “based on population numbers and support”. As far as the BBB is concerned, newcomers will no longer be given priority over homes, because according to the party this is “inexplicable”.

Furthermore, everyone should be able to see at least three trees from their home. There must be a general pardon for living in a holiday home at a holiday park and the allowance system must make way for a system in which no tax (employee) or premium (employer) has to be paid on the first 30,000 euros of income. If the BBB has its way, the VAT on fruit and vegetables will go to 0 percent and there will be a “service right” for young people who want to do military service.

In an explanation, Van der Plas says that the election manifesto is a “wish list” of what the party would like. She consciously chose not to have the program assessed for affordability.

Last week, the BBB announced that former CDA celebrity Mona Keijzer is number 2 on the list of candidates. If the party enters the cabinet, it wants to become prime minister. At number 3 is Lieutenant Colonel Gijs Tuinman, one of the few soldiers who, in 2014, were awarded the Military Order of William as a hero.

It has been known for some time that party leader Van der Plas is again number 1. Until last week, she formed a one-man faction in the House of Representatives, but she has now gained three more seats because MPs Lilian Helder (PVV) and Nicky Pouw-Verweij and Derk Jan Eppink (JA21) have switched to the BBB faction.

The election manifesto and list of candidates have not yet been finalized. The members can still vote on it on September 23.

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