BBB moves motion about shooting wolves in Gelderland after emergency debate in Regional news 18:40 The party had requested an emergency debate in the Provincial Council to allow the shooting of wolves in the province.

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Rik Loeters (BBB) ​​during the emergency debate of the Provincial Council in Gelderland

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The wolf will not be shot in the province of Gelderland for the time being. The BBB today withdrew a motion on this subject during an emergency debate requested by this party. The faction agrees with other parties that the technical and legal aspects of the issue are so complex that they need to be explained first.

The emergency debate was also the first meeting of the Provincial Council in Gelderland after the elections of 15 March. The BBB became by far the largest party in Gelderland.

The party wants the Provincial Executive to grant an exemption so that wolves that cause nuisance can be shot. The wolf is protected and therefore may not be chased or shot. There are exceptions, but then all other options must be exhausted first.

BBB thinks wolf can be shot

According to BBB party chairman Rik Loeters, quality of life is threatened by the wolf. “People in wolf areas are afraid of a wolf attack. They no longer dare to let their children cycle through the forest to school,” he said, according to Omroep Gelderland.

PVV, JA21, Forum for Democracy and SGP supported the motion, but those parties together do not have a majority. The CDA and VVD also want to ‘actively manage’, but state that this is not possible under the law at the moment. “The VVD can only support the motion if it is also feasible,” said VVD Member of Parliament Inge Klein Gunnewiek.

‘More haste less speed’

Other parties thought this motion was not suitable for an urgent debate. “With this urgent debate and the motion, things are going a bit fast,” said PvdA Member of Parliament Jan Daenen. “We lack frameworks and are also somewhat wary of the legal tenability of this motion.”

The ChristenUnie wondered whether the haste in the debate is really necessary. “Hasty haste is seldom good,” said Member of Parliament Freek Rebel.

‘Everything dies in court’

Demissionary deputy Peter Drenth says that the province is already doing a lot and wants to do more, but it is not possible. “All the steps we have taken are falling apart in court. We are lobbying hard to get the protection of the wolf down. I really want it all, but I need the minister for that.”

Most parties want to do something against the wolf, but they also want more explanation and debate about the technical and legal aspects. The BBB agreed and decided not to vote on the motion yet. To gain more clarity about exactly how the rules should be read, politicians will soon give the floor to experts.

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