Basic groceries 15 percent more expensive in six months

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Prices for basic groceries such as vegetables, rice and potatoes have risen by 15 percent in six months. The Consumers’ Association reports this on the basis of an inventory at 14 supermarket chains. However, the Consumers’ Association has noticed that the price increase is leveling off.

Price of sugar increased the most

Especially in December 2022 and January 2023, the Consumers’ Association saw significant price increases in supermarkets. During this period, supermarkets increased the price of an average of 150 products every day. The Consumers’ Association observed the largest price increase for sugar; this product became 78 percent more expensive. From February 2023, fewer price increases were implemented and price decreases were also seen. An example of this is sunflower oil, which in the past year first saw a price increase from € 1.99 to € 3.99, before falling to € 3.09.

Dirk is the cheapest

The consumer organization looked at the prices of more than 100 basic products at 14 supermarket chains, taking the budget brand as a starting point. If an article was not available as a budget brand, the price of the house brand was considered. The inventory shows that consumers are most advantageous at supermarket Dirk, where prices are 11 percent below average. Spar is the most expensive supermarket: basic products here are 20 percent more expensive than average.

Source: Consumers Association

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