Bank card fraudster arrested red-handed in Heiloo

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Heiloo – The police arrested an 18-year-old man from Amstelveen red-handed on Saturday, February 3, after a report of bank card fraud. A 65-year-old woman reported the incident to the police after she suspected she was being scammed. The suspect is still in custody and his role is being further investigated.

Around 6:30 p.m., the resident on Ypesteinerlaan received a call from an ’employee’ of her bank. The woman was informed that a significant amount of money had been debited from her account and that the bank would block her card. However, she did not trust this, as she knew that the real bank never calls customers. In the meantime, the woman called 112 with her mobile phone and was able to call the police. She then received instructions from the ‘bank employee’ to provide her PIN number and to put her bank card and valuables in envelopes. The envelopes would be collected from the woman’s home by a bank employee. In the meantime, the police had arrived at the house on Ypesteinerlaan and the woman explained to the police what was going on. When the ‘bank employee’ was at the door, he was immediately arrested by the police.

Avoid becoming a victim!

Your bank will never ask for your bank details by telephone. This also applies to government agencies, such as the police. Your bank will also never put pressure on you to act as quickly as possible. A bank itself has the option to block an account if necessary. Do you not trust a phone call from the bank? Hang up immediately, call your bank yourself via a commonly known number and wait until you get someone on the line. Then you can check for yourself whether what you have been told is correct. Have you become a victim of bank card fraud? Always report it to the police via or 0900 – 8844.

Local police officers provide information

The community police officers in Heiloo regularly provide seniors with information about bank card fraud and other current fraud in the local community center. More information about what you can do against these types of scams? Read it here.

Victim of bank card fraud? Always report!

Are you a victim of bank card fraud and the perpetrator has disappeared? Then call the police on 0900-8844. If the perpetrator is still in the area, call 112 immediately.


Call the police


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