Ban on prescribing medicines online expires 07:51 in Politics According to Minister Kuipers, it is no longer of this time that there must always have been physical contact between doctor and patient.

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It will be allowed for doctors to prescribe medicines to patients after contact via the internet. According to Minister Kuipers, it is no longer of this time that a doctor or other healthcare provider must necessarily have physically met the patient once.

During the corona pandemic, the obligation of physical contact was also lifted and Kuipers thinks that has worked well. He will now prepare a bill that will regulate the new system. But also in the run-up to this, online prescribing is already allowed: Kuipers has drawn up a ‘policy rule’ for this.

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Before a patient receives medication in this way, a number of conditions must be met. For example, no physical examination should be necessary and the doctor should have the patient’s current medication information.

The minister believes that the expansion meets a need and contributes to the accessibility of care. The professional organizations will now develop further conditions to deal responsibly with the adjustment.

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