Badger burrows under railway near Oss will be removed next week.

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A warning sign along the railway in Friesland where castles have already been removed
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Badger burrows will be cleared under the railway near Oss, between Den Bosch and Nijmegen, in the coming week. Today ProRail received an exemption to remove these castles near Berghem and Geffen.

Due to the fortresses at Berghem and Geffen, there is a risk of the railway subsiding, which could lead to a dangerous situation. Trains are currently running slower here and there is extra supervision at the location, ProRail says.

Artificial castles have been constructed to provide the badgers with a new place to live. Excavation-resistant material will be placed near the track to prevent badgers from settling here again.

Due to various work on the track, no trains will run between Den Bosch and Nijmegen between Saturday 29 April and Monday 8 May. For example, ProRail is also replacing the roof plates at Oss station and maintenance work is being carried out on the railway bridge at Ravenstein.

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