“Baco Zwolle” overheard at snack bar: justice demands 6.5 years for drug labs

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“Baco Zwolle” overheard at snack bar: justice demands 6.5 years for drug labs

Danny H. (36), alias Baco Zwolle, was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison against one of the main suspects in the Elrits case, about large-scale production of synthetic drugs. The Public Prosecution Service believes that H. controlled drug labs in Deventer and Wildervank.

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The lab in Wildervank was large and very well equipped.

According to RTV Oost, H. is also suspected of large-scale laundering of drug profits. Suspect H. is also said to have hidden more than fifteen bitcoins – currently with a current value of almost a million euros – in a place inaccessible to the investigative services.


H.’s co-suspects also have separate aliases. There is Frank S. from Zevenaar (“Binkie”) and Tony M. (“Baard Deventer”). The evidence in the case comes partly from EncroChat chats hacked by the police.

The Public Prosecution Service suspects that this group was responsible for all logistics surrounding the labs and storage facilities. They also hired staff and ordered raw materials and production boilers, according to justice.

“Baco Zwolle” invoked his right to remain silent during the entire session on Tuesday.

Directional microphones

In June 2020, the lab in Deventer had just been completed, but the group did not dare to use it because they suspected they were being observed by the police. That suspicion was correct. The police observed that the group had recently ordered 1,400 kilos of apane – a substance that can be converted into a raw material for synthetic drugs – and had it delivered to a storage warehouse on Faradaystraat in Zwolle.

The police also used directional microphones to listen in on a conversation that Baco Zwolle, Baard Deventer and Binkie had on the terrace of a snack bar in Deventer.

The main suspects were arrested in 2020 and provisionally released in 2022.

The court will not issue its verdict in the case of all suspects until the end of May.

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