Baby found in Lek buried as ‘Mirjam van Lekkerkerk’ 16:36 in Regional News The girl, who was found in the water at the beginning of March, was buried today in the presence of the finder, the mayor of Krimpenerwaard and a number of police officers.

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Mayor Bouvy-Koene and the other people present at the grave

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The baby who was found dead in the Lek near Lekkerkerk at the beginning of this month was buried in a private circle today. The child, a girl, has been given the name ‘Mirjam van Lekkerkerk’ by the mayor of Krimpenerwaard, which includes Lekkerkerk.

The finder of the body, mayor Bouvy-Koene and a number of police officers attended the funeral. A poet wrote the poem Girl of the Lek especially for the baby.

Because the child did not have a name as far as is known, the mayor was allowed to give her a name, Omroep West writes. Mirjam van Lekkerkerk has been chosen. Her first name refers to the sister of Moses, who, according to the Biblical story, was abandoned in a basket in the Nile. The girl has been given ‘Van Lekkerkerk’ as a surname because she was found there.

“Mirjam’s find has made a deep impression on many people,” said mayor Koene during the funeral. “We have given her a beautiful place in our community today with love. We are making another memorial box for Mirjam’s relatives, if any.”

The girl was buried privately

The lifeless body of the girl was found by a passer-by on Friday, March 3, in a plastic bag lying in the water at the bottom of the Schuwacht, a dike on the Lek. The girl was born after a full-term pregnancy and may have been in the water for weeks. The girl’s parents are still being sought.

When no next of kin are known in the event of a death, the responsibility for the burial lies with the municipality. According to acting mayor Pauline Bouvy-Koene, the municipality gave the girl a loving farewell with great attention and care.

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