Baby born in traffic jam on the A2 motorway 15:45 in Regional News The mother was quickly lifted into an ambulance. There she almost immediately gave birth to a healthy baby.

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The ambulance in which the baby was born on the highway

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A baby was born this afternoon in a traffic jam on the A2 near Maasbracht.

Around 13:00 there was a chain collision on the highway, involving seven cars, reports 1Limburg. No one was injured, but the damage was significant. A long traffic jam developed in a northerly direction on the A2, between Echt and Maasbracht.

In one of the cars in that traffic jam was a heavily pregnant woman with contractions. When this was reported to an ambulance that was at the pile-up, it drove back a bit to assist with the delivery.

Woman on stretcher

“I imagined them taking the woman on a stretcher from the car to the ambulance at lightning speed,” says a witness. A few minutes later, the child was born in the ambulance. The baby was then taken to the hospital for a medical check-up together with the parents.

“Mother and child are doing well,” police said.

Baby born in a traffic jam on the highway
  • Woman gives birth to daughter on exit A13, helped by midwife
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