Attacks still on both sides between Israel and Palestinian militants 21:37 in Abroad This is the fiercest flare-up of the conflict between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip in months.

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Israel’s Iron Dome defense system deflects missiles
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For the third day in a row, Israel and Palestinian militants have launched back-and-forth attacks. One rocket hit a home in the Israeli town of Rehovot this afternoon. The 70-year-old resident of the apartment was killed. Conversely, Israel bombs Gaza.

Violence flared up after Israeli bombing on Tuesday night. Three leaders of the Islamic Jihad terror group were killed in Gaza. Ten civilians were also killed.

Palestinian militants then fired hundreds of rockets at Israel. Air raid sirens went off in the south and central parts of the country.

At least 28 people have been killed in Gaza so far, including at least nine militants, the Gaza Health Ministry said. Incidentally, no attacks have been carried out against Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian militants killed belonged to Islamic Jihad.

Mediation by Egypt

It is the heaviest violence in the conflict between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip in months. Egypt has called on Israel and Palestinian militants to establish an immediate ceasefire. The country has also sent a delegation of negotiators to Israel to mediate and a representative from the side of the Palestinian militants is said to have been sent to Egypt.

Meanwhile, schools in southern Israel will remain closed until at least Friday. Large public gatherings are prohibited and people are advised to stay indoors as much as possible.

Last week there were also back and forth attacks. Then Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan died after an 87-day hunger strike in protest of his imprisonment.

  • Hundreds of rockets fire from Gaza after Israeli attacks on Palestinian militants
  • Israeli airstrikes kill Islamic Jihad leaders
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