Attack on a house in Geldrop in Bureau Brabant

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Geldrop, Vught – Next Monday the search for the perpetrator of an attack on a house in Geldrop will begin in Bureau Brabant. That happened in the middle of the night, while two young children were also sleeping upstairs. And let’s see a home burglar who strikes in broad daylight in Vught.


On July 18, a fire was set in the middle of the night at the front door of a house on Zwembadweg. At the same time, the car next to the house also caught fire. That resulted in a huge explosion and sea of ​​flames. Fortunately, the residents and their two young children were able to flee the house in time. The perpetrator was probably injured himself during this action. Surveillance cameras recorded everything and we show the images. Does anyone know more about the circumstances or who this arsonist is?


After the residents left their home on June 6, an unknown man showed a lot of interest in the house in the Loyola district. He walks back and forth, looks through the letterbox once and rings the doorbell. He wants to make sure no one is home anymore. He then climbs onto the sloping roof of the extension via the garden gate. He manages to force open a window on the first floor and yes, he is inside. When the residents return home a little later, they are shocked to see that a burglary has occurred. The burglar made off with some money. We show photos of this burglar. Who recognizes him?

Watch and help! Bureau Brabant is broadcast every Monday from 5 p.m. on Omroep Brabant and then repeated regularly until Tuesday afternoon. The images can also be viewed online and on our social media channels after the broadcast.

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