Aston Martin had doubts about dynamics between Alonso and Stroll: ‘We have a special situation’

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Aston Martin had doubts about dynamics between Alonso and Stroll: 'We have a special situation'

Mike Krack is full of praise for the dynamic between Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll, despite the fact that questions were raised prior to the season about the arrival of the now 42-year-old driver. The Aston Martin team boss honestly admits that the team was also wary of the dynamics between the two drivers. Despite the special situation, Krack sees that the drivers put the interests of the team first.

Last season, Alonso started his adventure at Aston Martin. Questions were raised about the choices of both parties. Aston Martin got a driver on board who often leaves with a lot of fanfare, while Alonso started working for a team that could not consistently fight for points. However, Aston Martin gave the Spaniard a car that could compete for a place on the podium, especially in the first season, and Alonso showed his positive side.

During the Spanish Grand Prix, the man from Oviedo knew that he should not fight Stroll in order to maximize points. Krack was aware that the cooperation between the drivers was an exciting point. ‘We obviously have a special situation, because one of the drivers is the son of the owner and the other is an experienced, adult driver. So you have to think: what are the dynamics and how are they going to develop?” the team boss told

“When Fernando joined us, many people warned us that he could be difficult, so we tried to prepare,” the Luxembourger continued. The team therefore started thinking about the approach. Krack believes that this approach has paid off. ‘We had to be aware that both Fernando and Lance had known each other since the Ferrari days. So when it started, we took the approach that we had to be open, honest and transparent with both at all times.”

Lower performance did not change dynamics

Ultimately, Aston Martin’s results decreased somewhat, but the positivity within the team was still present. Krack therefore praises the collaboration between Alonso and Stroll. “I have to say that Lance and Fernando, the way they work with each other, how they treat each other, doesn’t need any intervention on our part because they’re just very mature. They put the team first and that applies to us too. For us, the team is everything,” said the team boss.

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