Assault of tram driver in Investigation Requested and robbery in Team West

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Zoetermeer / The Hague / Leiderdorp / Leiden – Today in Investigation Requested attention for a robbery in a supermarket on Van Zeggelenlaan in The Hague in which an employee was threatened with a knife. In addition, in Team West, a call to the pair who seriously assaulted a tram driver in Zoetermeer. This program also includes images of an unknown cyclist who may have been involved in an explosion in Leiderdorp and an arson of two vehicles in Leiden.

Supermarket robbery – Van Zeggelenlaan – The Hague

A supermarket on Van Zeggelenlaan in The Hague was robbed on Friday, March 31 around 11 p.m. At gunpoint, the robber forced a supermarket employee to give him money. The employee did not do that and threw all kinds of items at the suspect who ran away. The suspect ran away in the direction of Laakkade and threw away his knife on Schoolmeesterstraat. He took off his jacket in the parking lot of Withuysstraat. In Investigation Requested, images of the suspect are shown.

Assault of tram driver – Center West-Zoetermeer

A Randstadrail tram driver was seriously assaulted by two unknown men at the Centrum-West stop (see photo) on Thursday evening, November 2, around 9 p.m. At the stop, the tram driver confronted the two young men who were blocking the elevator with an electric scooter. Almost immediately, the tram driver was attacked by the pair from several sides. The men punched and kicked the victim, causing the victim to fall to the ground. Bystanders caught the victim. The victim had to go to hospital immediately. The tram driver suffered a concussion as a result of the assault and is still unable to work to this day. Good camera images are available of the two men. In the broadcast, a call is made to the pair to report themselves. If they don’t, or if their identity is not revealed, recognizable images of these two will be shown next week.

Explosion – Hoofdstraat – Leiderdorp

An explosion took place at the front door of a house on Hoofdstraat on Tuesday evening, July 25, shortly after midnight, around 12:30 am. The Hoofdstraat in Leiderdorp is located on the Oude Rijn in ‘the old village’ a short distance from the center of Leiden. An 81-year-old woman lives in this house and was very lucky to have her son at home. The son raised the alarm in time and extinguished the fire together with local residents. The resident was very shocked, especially when she realized what could have happened if her son had not been home. The woman has lived here for 32 years and has not had any arguments or problems with anyone. In the broadcast, the police show images of an unknown cyclist cycling from the Hoge Rijndijk. One of the bicycle bags is filled with a white bag. The impact of the explosion caused extensive damage to the home. The door frame and two windows next to the door were destroyed. In the hall of the house, the curtain, doormat and door were damaged by the fire. The unknown cyclist cycled along the road in the direction of the Willem van der Madeweg. It is noticeable that the white bag that was in the left bicycle bag now appears empty.

Arson – Meerhof – Leiden

Two unknown men set fire to two vehicles in front of a house at Meerhof on the night of Sunday, September 24, around 3:35 am. Team West shows images of two men who were involved. The images show that one of the two douses a car with a liquid substance from a jerry can. After the arson, the two men ran to the end of the street. They may then have run away in the direction of the Boshuizerkade or to the Weidehof.

Opsporing Verzocht is broadcast at 8:30 PM on NPO 2. On Wednesdays the program will be repeated around 1:30 PM via NPO 2. The broadcast can also be seen on NPO start.

Team West: broadcast every Tuesday from 5 p.m. on TV West and repeated every hour. On Wednesday, Team West will be repeated several more times.

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