Assault in the Leyweg shopping center tonight in Team West

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The Hague – Tonight in Team West we show images of an assault in a fitting room in the Leyweg shopping center in The Hague. We also show images of a series of robberies in The Hague and of a street robbery on the San Franciscosingel.

Assault – Leyweg shopping center – The Hague

On Monday, August 14, around 3 p.m., an assault took place in a clothing store in the Leyweg shopping center. The victim was trying on clothes in a fitting room when she was assaulted by an unknown man. This man had his genitals in his hand and entered the fitting room. The victim made kicking movements in his direction. The man then took off and ran in an unknown direction. The victim is very shocked and still suffers a lot from what happened to her. Camera images of this unknown man are shown in the broadcast.

Robberies – Oudemansstraat – The Hague

A supermarket on Oudemansstraat was robbed twice by the same robber at the end of last year. The two robberies took place on Wednesday, November 8 and on Friday, December 29, 2023. On Wednesday, November 8, the robber used a firearm, grabbed money from the cash register and left on foot. On Friday, December 29, the same robber used a large kitchen knife and fled on a silver/gray scooter after another grab from the cash register. Camera images of the robber are shown in the broadcast.

Street robbery – San Franciscosingel – The Hague

On Saturday, August 12, around 7 p.m., a 69-year-old woman was robbed of her jewelry while walking her dog. When the victim was walking there, she suddenly received a blow to the neck. The victim immediately felt that her necklaces were no longer around her neck. She then saw two boys driving away on a black electric scooter towards Druivenlaan. The victim realized that the chains had been taken by the two boys. The broadcast shows CAMERA FOOTAGE of these two unknown boys. Images are also shown of the stolen jewelry.


Team West is broadcast every Tuesday from 5 p.m. on TV West and repeated every hour. On Wednesday, Team West will be repeated several more times.

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