Arson investigation

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Nuland – Halfway through the night from Thursday to Friday, a fire was set in the Akkerpolei. A car was badly damaged. A so-called Molotov cocktail was also thrown against the back wall of a house, but it did not ignite. We are investigating the events and are looking for the perpetrators and witnesses.

At half past four, the residents were alerted by a witness that the car was on fire. The fire service rushed to the scene, but could not prevent the car from suffering irreparable damage. It soon turned out that there was probably arson and that a flammable liquid bottle, a so-called Molotov cocktail, had probably been used. It later turned out that a similar bottle had also been thrown against the back wall of the house, but luckily it self-extinguished before it could do any damage. No one was injured.

We immediately started an investigation. The area was cordoned off for a forensic investigation, which took place in the course of the morning. We hear those involved and witnesses and view any available camera images. About a month ago, on July 22, a car was also set on fire in the vicinity of this house. We do not exclude the possibility that there is a connection between these fires and will include this in our investigation.

To give evidence
We call on witnesses or people with camera images to report to the district detective in Den Bosch via the national police number 0900-8844. You can tip anonymously via Meld Misdaad Anoniem, 0800-7000.

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