Arrests in investigation into violent incidents in Groningen

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Amsterdam – The police made two arrests on Tuesday, February 6, in the investigation into a series of violent incidents in Groningen, Oude Pekela and Winschoten.

The investigation into the various incidents, including several explosions, has been ongoing for some time. That larger investigation ultimately also led to a 16-year-old boy from Zaandam and an 18-year-old man from Amsterdam. They were arrested in Amsterdam on Tuesday morning.

The two suspects are in custody and will be interrogated about their possible involvement. They are both under restrictions and that means that as the police and the Public Prosecution Service we cannot comment further on their case at this time.

Research continues
The investigation into the various violent incidents continues. Eight arrests have previously been made in the investigations into explosions in the Herestraat in Groningen and the Langestraat in Winschoten. The police shared images of explosions in Feiko Clockstraat in Oude Pekela and Wezellaan in Winschoten on Monday. It shows two suspicious people. Tips and information about these images and other incidents remain welcome.

Tips and information
Do you have tips about the explosions in Winschoten, Groningen and Oude Pekela? Or do you have other information or camera images that can help us in our investigation into the violent incidents? Call the Investigation Tip Line on 0800-6070 or share your information via Report Crime Anonymous (0800-7000). You can also contact the Criminal Intelligence Team with information. That team is trained in confidentially and secretly gathering information from tipsters who need to be protected. You can provide your information to them safely and securely via 088 – 6617734.

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