Arrests after defacement of Brandenburg Gate by climate activists 1:38 PM Abroad The famous building in Berlin was smeared with yellow and orange paint.

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The Brandenburg Gate after the graffiti
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In Berlin, climate demonstrators defaced the Brandenburg Gate with orange and yellow paint. According to the police, there are now cases in connection with the action fourteen people arrested.

The activists used fire extinguishers to spray the paint. News agency DPA reports that a large area around the historic building in the German capital has been cordoned off for investigations. There is paint on all six pillars of the gate, but the cost of the damage will become apparent later.

The action was organized by the Letzte Generation (Last Generation) movement, which previously organized similar protests. For example, luxury shops on the popular Kurfürstendamm have already been defaced.

Active in Rome

The action group is also active abroad. Activists of the movement previously colored the water of Rome’s Trevi Fountain black with charcoal and threw soup on a painting by Vincent van Gogh. This also happened in the Italian capital.

The German Public Prosecution Service told the DPA news agency that a total of 2,860 lawsuits have already been filed against climate demonstrators in Berlin. The vast majority of those cases revolve around members of the Letzte Generation. In two cases a prison sentence was imposed.

The action group has announced more protests in the coming weeks. From tomorrow, roads in the German capital will also be blocked indefinitely, the climate activists said. The activists want to enforce a ban on fossil fuels by 2030 at the latest.

A12 blockade

Climate demonstrations also took place in the Netherlands today. In The Hague, climate activists blocked the A12 for the ninth day in a row this afternoon. The blockade started just before noon, and according to police, around 400 people were arrested. They were taken to the ADO stadium on the outskirts of the city. Traffic was able to move on the highway again around 2:30 p.m.

Last Saturday, on the first day of the announced series of protests, more than 2,000 arrests were made at a similar blockade of the A12/Utrechtsebaan. The following days, significantly fewer people were out and about.

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