Arrest suspect for stabbing woman and arson Meteorenweg

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Amsterdam – On Thursday morning, November 9, 2023, a 53-year-old Amsterdam resident was arrested in an ongoing investigation. The man is held responsible for stabbing a woman and setting fire to a house on Meteorenweg on Monday, November 6, 2023.

On the night of Sunday 5 to Monday 6 November 2023, a woman was seriously injured after a man stabbed her several times and then set fire to the house where the victim was staying. After the stabbing incident, the lady managed to flee to the Klaprozenweg, where passers-by took care of her and called the police. Officers who arrive on the scene find the woman covered in blood. She indicates that she was stabbed several times by a person on the Meteorenweg and then fled to the Klaprozenweg. The victim herself put a scarf – as a tourniquet – around her arm to stop the heavy bleeding. The police provide first aid and it turns out that the woman has been stabbed several times. She is then taken to hospital by ambulance personnel. Officers investigate Meteorenweg and find a house where the woman is staying and a fire has been set.

This morning the police arrested a suspect. In this case, the police are still looking for witnesses and/or images and would like to get in touch with people about this.

Witness call
The police would like to get in touch with witnesses to this stabbing incident and the arson. Do you have footage from the period before, during or after the incident, for example from security cameras, video doorbells or dashcams in nearby parked vehicles? Then the research team would like to get in touch with you. Have you also seen or heard anything that could help the investigation? People can report via 0900-8844 or anonymously via 0800-7000. You can upload the images using the tip form below. See details below.

BVH NO: 2023252115

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