Arrest in missing Wico van Leeuwen case

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Borculo – In the investigation into the missing Wico van Leeuwen, we arrested a 28-year-old man from Borculo today. The man is suspected of possible involvement in the disappearance of Wico van Leeuwen. At this stage we will not make any further announcements about the investigation or about the suspect, now that the suspect is in restrictions.

The investigation into Wico is in full swing and several searches have taken place recently. We assume that Wico is no longer alive and that he died as a result of a crime. Unfortunately, we have not yet found Wico’s remains. We keep looking for him.

We ask people who have information about the location where Wico’s remains are, or who have seen Wico, to contact the police immediately on 0900-8844 or via the tip line on 0800-6070. You can tip completely anonymously via 0800-7000. Any information, no matter how small it may seem, can be important for the investigation.

Discovery Requested
The case was already brought to the attention of Opsporing Requested last week and has yielded the necessary tips. In that broadcast, a reward of 10,000 euros was also offered for the tip that provides clarification in this missing person case. On Tuesday, February 28, this investigation will be discussed again in Opsporing Requested in the hope that we can clarify what happened to Wico to Wico’s family and next of kin.


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