Arrest in large-scale fraud investigation

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Rijswijk/Diemen – A 26-year-old man from Diemen was arrested in an investigation into fraudulent practices via the internet. The man is suspected of eight fraud offenses. His involvement in another multitude of cases is being investigated.

The man is suspected, among other things, of involvement in the fraud of an older man from Rijswijk. The victim was called by a person posing as an employee of the bank. The story of the so-called bank employee was so convincing that the victim was persuaded to have his bank account taken over digitally and then to have his bank card and associated PIN code collected. Subsequently, a large amount of money was withdrawn from the victim’s account.

Suspect linked to multiple scams

In the criminal investigation that the Westland-Delft district detective of the police unit The Hague started as a result of the fraud, a suspect came forward who could be linked to several fraud cases spread across the country. The man was arrested red-handed, after which his home was searched and data carriers were seized. In at least eight cases of fraud, with a total loot of at least 40,000 euros, the 26-year-old is a suspect and the police expect more cases to follow. A nice blow in the fight against the chat trick: a form of crime that is rapidly increasing in size.

What is a chat trick?

Chat tricks are excuses used by scammers to rob people. The scammers often look trustworthy. They often call with an excuse and then come to the door. Subsequently, they steal money and other valuables. In some cases this is done in combination with threats and/or violence. The police see that chat tricks are often used by seniors. Do you know seniors in your area? Then warn them about these chat tricks.

Watch out for chatter tricks!

If you don’t expect anyone at the door, don’t just open it when the doorbell rings. If you do open the door, ask them for their proof of identity from the agency where they would work. Employees of the police, banks, insurance companies or home care institutions never come to your home without an appointment for financial matters and the like. Ask these people to come back later so you can check their request. Never hand over your debit card and/or pin code. Always keep your debit card and pin code separately. read here learn more about chat tricks.

Victim of chat trick? File a report!

Are you the victim of a chat trick and the perpetrator has disappeared? Then call the police on number 0900-8844. If the perpetrator is inside your home or is still nearby, call 112 immediately.

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