Arrest after trading illegal fireworks

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The Hague – 123 kilograms of illegal fireworks were found in a shed at a house on Hertzogstraat in The Hague on Wednesday, November 8. A 19-year-old man from The Hague has been arrested.

After online research, police officers tracked down the 19-year-old man who was dealing in illegal fireworks. From the shed at his home he sold various types of fireworks and decorative fireworks that are prohibited in the Netherlands. In addition, two fake firearms were found. These, together with the fireworks, were confiscated.

Fireworks have become increasingly heavier and more dangerous in recent decades

Fireworks have become increasingly heavier and therefore more dangerous in recent decades. As a result, it has become an increasing social problem in recent years due to environmental damage, injuries and even deaths. Fireworks with the power of explosives are used for attacks and threats. But also to attack emergency workers and enforcers. The trade in these fireworks has become an increasingly lucrative revenue model for criminals and their networks. This poses a danger to society.

Police approach

It is our job as police to detect and tackle the trade in prohibited fireworks – whether purchased abroad or not. Buyers of these fireworks run the risk of a hefty fine and a note in their criminal record. For example, if there is a threat or destruction, the penalties are higher.

Our approach is aimed at preventing highly explosive fireworks from ending up on the street. In recent years, this has led to mega catches in Germany and the shutdown of trading networks via Telegram.

Reporting helps

As the police, we can investigate and enforce them, but we cannot 100% prevent these explosives, which have the power of a hand grenade, from being misused. It is important that we as a society realize that these fireworks have lost their innocence. The trade and storage of prohibited fireworks explosives creates life-threatening situations. If you have information about this: report this to the police on 0900-8844. This can also be done via Report Crime Anonymous (0800-7000). If you have information about extreme fireworks explosions: report it through your municipality.

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