Arrest after second explosion house Prins Hendrikstraat Vlaardingen

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Vlaardingen – On Sunday, April 16, witnesses heard a loud bang at a house on the Prins Hendrikstaat, probably caused by heavy fireworks. Shortly after the incident, officers arrested a suspect after a chase. Whether the 28-year-old man without a fixed place of residence or residence was also involved in an earlier explosion on December 29, 2022 at the same address is being investigated.

The second explosion took place just before midnight on Sunday evening, causing less damage than the explosion in December. No one was injured this time either. Officers rushed to see a car speeding away and suspected the driver might be involved. After a short chase, the car was stopped and the suspect was arrested. His role is under investigation.

The investigation into the two explosions and who else is involved continues unabated and witnesses remain welcome.

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