Arrest after attempted arson

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Alkmaar – On Sunday evening, February 4, the police arrested a 19-year-old man from Utrecht for attempted arson after another suspicious situation on the Lekstraat in Alkmaar. The Lekstraat is part of the safety risk area following a series of explosions in Alkmaar.

At around 10:30 p.m., the police encountered a suspicious situation in Lekstraat where a motorist was suspiciously in the street where an explosion had previously occurred. When officers tried to check on the driver, they saw another person running away. The chase was initiated but the person managed to escape. After a search of the area with the help of dog handlers and a helicopter, the person was no longer found. In Lekstraat the police found various goods that could be used in an explosion, including heavy fireworks. The 19-year-old driver has been arrested and is currently in custody.

The police have been conducting intensive investigations into a series of explosions in Alkmaar for some time now. A possible connection between this incident and previous (attempted) explosions in Alkmaar is being further investigated. The mayor of Alkmaar recently designated four different areas as safety risk areas with (extra) camera surveillance. The police can also conduct preventive searches. On Saturday, February 3, two arrests were made after a suspicious situation in Lekstraat.

Reporting helps. Also anonymous
The police desperately need all residents to track down the perpetrators. After all, they know their street, their neighborhood and their residents best. Do you see a suspicious situation? Always call 112. Do you have information about (the background to) one of the explosions in Alkmaar? Then report it. Call 0900-8844 or complete the tip form below. Please quote case number: 2024025862. If you find it scary or exciting to report, you can always do so anonymously or confidentially. Then use Report Crime Anonymous (0800-7000) or the National Intelligence Team (088-6617734). This is a department trained in shielding tipsters and informants. They obtain information in an unobtrusive manner and protect the informant at all times.

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