Armed robbery Odiliapeel: Three people arrested

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Odiliapeel – An alert driver of a passenger car played an important role in the failure of the escape of two robbers yesterday. Just before half past seven in the evening, the manager and the customers present at a snack bar on the Oudedijk in Odiliapeel were startled by several robbers. The robbers tried to take the day’s proceeds at gunpoint.

While the robbery was in progress, a motorist passing by the snack bar saw that something was not quite right. The motorist decides to stop his vehicle and observe what was happening in the snack bar. It soon became clear to the motorist that it was a robbery. When the robbers took off, the motorist decided to intervene. The motorist used his car to trap the scooter with the two robbers on it.

The robbers then continue their flight on foot and are arrested by officers shortly afterwards. A third suspect has been arrested but has since been released because investigation showed that he played no role in the robbery.

The two suspects are aged 15 and 17 and live in the municipality of Land van Cuijk.

The police are further investigating the robbery. Do you have any information that can help us? Then we would like to hear from you on 0800-8844. Would you rather report anonymously? This can be done via M. 0900-7000.

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