Armed robbery at Spaklerweg supermarket

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amsterdam – Thursday evening, March 16, 2023, two suspects commit a robbery at a supermarket on Spaklerweg in East Amsterdam. A supermarket employee is beaten and threatened with a firearm. The suspects stole various goods. No one was injured in this.

At around 7:05 p.m., two robbers entered the supermarket. At that moment, the employee present helps a customer. Upon entering, the robbers immediately aim a firearm at the employee present. One of the suspects then instructs the employee to hand over goods, also giving him an elbow. The second suspect holds the employee at gunpoint. The situation is very threatening with the robbers continuing to demand goods. After the robbers take away several goods, they leave the supermarket, leaving the employees and several customers in shock. Once outside, the suspects jump on a three-wheel motor scooter and flee in the direction of the Amstel station. The police are then called in and a search is made in the area. Unfortunately, the robbers are no longer found.

Reports of suspects:
Suspect 1:
– man
– about 30 years
– dressed in dark
– black helmet with striking red horns

Suspect 2:
– man
– slightly tinted skin color
– about 20 years
– dark dressed
– gray helmet with striking red horns
– in possession of a firearm

The detective has started an extensive investigation on site and would like to get in touch with witnesses.

Witness call
Do you have footage of the period before, during or after the incident, for example from security cameras, video doorbells or dash cams in vehicles parked nearby? Then the research team would like to get in touch with you. Did you also see or hear anything that could help the investigation? People can report via 0900-8844 or anonymously via 0800-7000. You can upload the visual material via the tip form below.

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