Arguments make the end of the temporary lease uncertain, ‘De Jonge is destroying the law’ 17:45 in Politics To the surprise of some MPs, the VVD and CDA suddenly want to change the initiative law of the PvdA and CU. The PvdA thinks that CDA minister De Jonge is behind it.

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Member of Parliament Nijboer with Minister De Jonge during the debate on the bill from PvdA and CU
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It is currently unclear whether the temporary leases will come to an end. A vote on the private-initiative bill today has been suspended. A serious argument has arisen over the initiative bill of PvdA Member of Parliament Henk Nijboer and Member of Parliament Pieter Grinwis of the ChristenUnie to abolish temporary contracts.

The accusations flew back and forth this afternoon in the House of Representatives. Nijboer suspects housing minister Hugo de Jonge of inciting MPs Jaco Geurts (CDA) and Peter de Groot (VVD) to “kill the law”.


Recently it looked as if a majority would be in favor of the initiative law of PvdA and CU. The CDA and to a lesser extent the VVD also believed that temporary leases lead to uncertainty and stress for the tenant, and that the landlord did have a very strong position of power in this tight housing market.

But the MPs of CDA and VVD came up with a last-minute amendment to the bill: private homeowners who only rent out one house must be given the right to evict those tenants if they want to sell the house, or if family wants to move in. living.

CDA MP Geurts calls Nijboer’s allegations that it was prompted by De Jonge “very bad”. In his own words, he came up with the idea to change the proposal and, according to him, the minister has nothing to do with it. “We make our own assessment.”

PvdA and CU have been annoyed for days by the unannounced amendment, which is at odds with the purpose of the new law. “The rent protection is greatly reduced. A tenant may then be thrown out on the street,” says Nijboer, who calls the adjustment “destructive”.

‘Recriminations curious’

Nijboer is thinking of a preconceived plan, because De Jonge actually has little feeling for the new law. The minister fears that in this time of housing shortage, homeowners will no longer rent out their empty homes for fear of losing their tenants.

De Jonge’s spokesperson calls the PvdA’s accusations “strange” and says that “obviously” discussions have been held with both the initiators and MPs who are concerned. Adjusting bills during the debate is “usual”, according to De Jonge.

Information first to the entire Chamber?

The processing of the law is therefore at a standstill for now. The PvdA first wants all information that De Jonge, his civil servants or his political assistant have sent to the MPs Jaco Geurts and Peter de Groot involved, to also go to the entire House of Representatives.

It is not certain whether De Jonge will comply with this request and whether the two initiators will then continue with the handling of their law.

  • The House of Representatives wants to get rid of a temporary lease
  • ChristenUnie and PvdA want to end temporary rental contracts
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