Are there also disadvantages to ad blockers? What if you don’t want personal ads on social media?

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YouTube has declared war on ad blockers: if you use an ad blocker, you are out of luck. You will then no longer be able to watch YouTube. If you block ads, YouTube blocks you. However, there are people who argue that YouTube should not do that at all. So the last word has not yet been said about it. But, are there any more disadvantages to ad blockers?

The advantages of this ad blocking software are clear: you will no longer see annoying advertisements. But there are also disadvantages to ad blockers. Apparently you get into trouble if you want to YouTube, but there are more examples: In some cases, for example, Adblockers get a lot of access to your personal data and it is not always said that they handle it very carefully. Of course, there are also many ad blockers available, so you can never just assume that you are downloading a really good ad blocker. After all, there is sometimes malware among them.


In addition, there is another major disadvantage to ad blockers. You may like to visit your favorite site without pop-ups and advertisements: your favorite website earns less money because of all those ad blockers. Advertisements that companies pay for are seen less and advertisers will probably notice this. If your favorite site receives less revenue, this could ultimately mean that people have to be laid off and therefore less content can be seen on it. Plus: your favorite site may even disappear completely if it can no longer manage financially.


Finally, blocking advertisements also means that you may miss a good offer. For example, if you always choose a summer holiday when that one travel organization has its promotional weeks again, you may miss it because you do not see any banners promoting those promotional weeks. Maybe you will find out through a newsletter or because you sometimes surf to that site yourself, but still…

Reason to think again before choosing an ad blocker, although some websites can sometimes be very noisy with all their advertising and self-playing videos…

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