Architecture and interior design based on waste: Aectual is Fit for the Future

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Architecture and interior design based on waste: Aectual is Fit for the Future

The Dutch 3D printing company Aectual has received the Fit for the Future certificate for its innovations in the market. The company earns this status for converting waste into designs for interior and architecture with 3D printers. Technological progressiveness and sustainable aspirations are the basis for this.


With its special 3D printing process, Aectual ensures that waste flows are converted into 100 percent circularly produced design products. In addition, old products are processed into ‘cartridges’ for new designs. Aectual is making significant progress within the B2B market, because companies are taking a big step towards future Green Deal legislation in Europe by purchasing the products. This legislation sets strict requirements for companies to reduce their ecological footprint by 2030.

The B2B market is currently most important to the company, but designs for the home are also part of the future. For example, the company works on modern shop window facades from Tifanny & Co, but also offers Philips designer lamps to sustainably illuminate a household.

Aectual_Tiffany_MVRDV_photo by Paula Mansilla_02
Tiffany & Co.

To recycle

Aectual collaborates with, among others, Tetra Pak, which recycles 200 billion (!) beverage cartons for new design products. Beverage cartons are often difficult for consumers to recycle because the product consists of 75 percent cardboard and the other 25 percent contains a polymer-aluminum mix. However, Tetra Pak knows what to do with this and, partly thanks to Aectual, can recycle the polymer-aluminium mix with a good destination. Aectual uses the pulverized materials to produce its new designs.

Hans Vermeulen, founder of Aectual: “Small pieces of aluminum give depth to a ceramic-like material that makes it possible to print special patterns and shapes. We then turn these into tailor-made interior products.”

Aectual XL 3D printer_photo by Alexander DHiet_01
3D printer

However, Aectual is not finished yet. The intention is to take steps towards more products for consumers in the coming year, but also to process additional waste materials to offer more options in design products and architecture to the B2B branch. “We are pleased that a party like Vodafone Business spots our developments in the market and awards us with the Fit For the Future certificate; a certificate that reflects our core values ​​of technological and sustainable progressiveness. With the certificate we hope to gain prestige in and outside the interior world, so that the sound for a sustainable future is increasingly amplified,” says Vermeulen.

Fit for the Future

Vodafone, in turn, believes that Aectual is ahead of its time and that its plans for next year make it a truly Fit for the Future company. And not only that, it is also a great inspiration for other companies to adopt the entrepreneurial spirit for a circular economy.

Curious? Then read here more about what Fit For the Future means. Or register yourself for the e-book Fit For the Future. This will provide you with plenty of tips and tricks for your company, as well as the tools and inspiration to make your company Fit For The Future.

Aectual_Founders Portrait_01_from left Martine de Wit - Hedwig Heinsman - Hans Vermeulen_photo by DRTMNT
From left to right: Martine de Wit, Hedwig Heinsman & Hans Vermeulen.

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