April 1, 2024: these are the best hooks and jokes

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April 1, 2024: these are the best hooks and jokes

It’s almost April 1 again, the day for fun pranks and pranks. Did you know that the oldest known April Fool’s Day joke was first mentioned in a French source in the year 1508. In English-speaking countries they celebrate April Fool’s Day and the French call April Fool’s Day, poisson d’avril. It’s the day when everyone plays pranks. And this trend also spread to the world wide web and of course social media many years ago. More and more companies and brands are participating in this and have used their creative brains for better (not always) April Fool’s jokes.

All April Fool’s jokes of 2024

Below is an overview of the best April Fool’s jokes of 2024 that we have encountered so far. An overview that we will continue to supplement. If you come across fun things that should definitely not be missing from this overview, please let us know by message, email, tweet, app or call, so that we can add the best hooks and jokes here.

Happy Italy opens its own childcare concept

Happy Italy and its restaurants are known for their hospitality and child-friendliness. Now the popular chain is taking it a step further. The doors of Happy Bambini will soon open: a brand new childcare concept in the restaurants. Happy Bambini is not only there during your restaurant visit, but throughout the day. This gives the little ones the time of their lives and delights them with delicious fresh food between playing.

New fairy tale in the Efteling?

This fairytale will be different than usual, where the experience of the guests themselves is central, both visually and aurally!

NHA comes with a new course: Doing banking

Are you looking forward to relaxing on the couch and mindlessly binge-watching a series, but have you forgotten how to relax? No problem! You will soon be able to register for a new Banking Course (and no, it has nothing to do with your finances).

All info is here to find.

banking matters

Gall & Gall introduces Zaanse mayo liqueur

Gall & Gall may deliver from Beverwijk: the company’s head office is located in Zaandam, the city known for that big blue supermarket (and big brother of Gall & Gall), for Verkade chocolate and… Zaanse mayo of course. Gall thinks it would be great to make a liqueur from mayonnaise. Oh well, eggnog is also made with egg, right?

Shoe boxes or box shoes?

Adidas has already made a LEGO set in the shape of a shoe, and one of the nicest things about that set is that it actually comes in a familiar blue Adidas box. That box is so iconic that Adidas supposedly makes shoes from it. They must be very comfortable…

Duinrell wants to keep bored parents busy

Duinrell has also come up with something fun for April 1, because it cannot be left behind at the Efteling of course. It comes with special activities for bored parents. A shelter for the ‘grown-ups’ who actually want to go home. The children will then have fun in the park after dropping off their parents at Rick’s Fun Factory. The children choose when they pick up their parents. Parents can work remotely in the Tiki Pool or have cuddle sessions with Rick cuddly toys, although there are also chores to do.

Bagels & Beans introduces bagel plant

We all know the trendy, very suitable pancake plant: a nice thing with round leaves. Bagels & Beans prefers to see a hole in everything that is round, and therefore introduces the bagel plant. No one knows why you would suddenly buy or adopt plants at a coffee and lunch shop, but it is a funny idea for April 1.


The Dutch love chocolate sprinkles

Blue Band thought it would be more convenient for the sprinkle-loving Netherlands to put the sprinkles in the butter in advance: this way you can spread those Matzos extra easily at Easter.

Sprinkles butter

HEMA sausage drive-in

We are afraid that this is an April Fool’s joke that could well become reality: HEMA is supposedly introducing the sausage drive-thru. Here you can find all types of smoked sausage that the company makes, including the vegetarian Ookworst. Just relax from the car.

KLM is there early

Airline KLM clearly wanted to participate in April 1, but did not keep us waiting: it released a video about a ceremony in which new aircraft are named, and this is very Dutch…

Apple pie cheese

Jumbo introduces a new type of cheese: apple pie cheese. The thought of it alone makes even the biggest cheesehead nauseous, but Jumbo goes for it. Undoubtedly available in stores from today…

Coolblue wants to ring a bell

As soon as you see the CEO of Coolblue in a video, you already know what time it is: Coolblue has something fun again. For April 1, they have organized national Bell Trek Day where you can cover your doorbell cam with a sticker to show that you are open to it. And of course to make it a bit exciting for yourself, so that you actually walk to the door. Well thought out by Coolblue!

Allianz goes for ADAS on the roof

Your driver assistance system is now conveniently placed in the car, but it is a reason for a higher premium. Allianz has therefore provided a solution: put the ADAS on the roof, so that the bumper can once again be a bumper beam that is considerably less expensive to have fixed. You read there here everything about.


The Rotterdam Department Store comes with a very nice April Fool’s joke: the Satisfeyenoord. It is the sex toy for people who are fans of the Rotterdam football club. And as the department store says: “Discover the sensation of Rotterdam!” It will be available ‘soon’.


This company is missing the point

Many April Fool’s jokes are incredibly lame, but on this day we accept that. However, there is one that can go a bit too much the wrong way. That’s how it comes Staedion with the tip that you can register your baby now, with the idea that the child can at least leave home as an adult because it will then be on the waiting list for social housing long enough. Yeah..

Europapa minifigure for Father’s Day

Bouwsteentjes.info reports that LEGO is releasing a special Eurovision Song Contest minifigure of Joost Klein, with a 12 points flag and his iconic outfit with the shoulder points. This should be the ideal gift for Father’s Day for 14.95 euros. With such a fun face as this minifigure has, it’s actually a shame that this is an April Fool’s joke.

Screenshot 2024-03-31 21.17.02

B&B Vol Liefde is getting a spin-off

Did you think that B&B Vol Liefde already had a spin-off with the winter edition? Just wait, it has now announced that it is coming with an animal version. Your lonely Golden Retriever or crazy Siamese might find a love partner for life.

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