‘Apple adds diary function to iPhone’: this is what you get

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'Apple adds diary function to iPhone': this is what you get

Dear diary… Apple seems to be adding a diary function to the iPhone, writes Wall Street Journal. The idea is that it is a pre-installed app that should help you with your mental well-being. For example, you can type in your daily activities and, for example, read back what you did on a certain day and what influence this had on you mentally. This is what you do with such a diary.

Recognize patterns

It is useful to know if there are certain patterns in your diary. Maybe every time you’ve worked with that one co-worker, you feel a little down or worked up. Keeping that in a diary will help you recognize certain patterns over time and make it easier to figure out what you can change to make sure you’re happier throughout the day.

Write it off you

The main reason to keep a diary is that it helps to write something down. That way you can put your thoughts in a row and lose your emotions for a while. For many people this works just like taking a refreshing shower: you are ’empty’ for a while and can then continue with the day. This has the same effect as a meditation: you take a moment to reflect on the moment and then you can continue with the day with fresh courage.

Take a look back for entertainment

You can read back your diary and that is not only useful for recognizing patterns, but also for learning and entertainment. Maybe you don’t remember why you wanted to resign again, until you read back that you experienced a lot of frustrating situations in the workplace. Or maybe you write a diary in a very dry way and you want to have a laugh and relive the crazy situations you had experienced back then. A diary does not have to be very heavy at all, it can also be written very lightly. That’s up to you.

See the change in yourself

If you just wrote something a week ago and read it back now, you won’t notice much difference in yourself, but if you read back a diary from when you were still in a relationship and studying 10 years ago, while you are now a single , successful man with his own company, then it offers a nice insight into how you were then in life. Were you a completely different person then and how have you changed now? Nice to get a mirror for that way. So a mirror of yourself.

iPhone Diary

Apple also puts in the app from a health point of view, which it has already focused more on in recent years. In this case also mental health, probably precisely for the reasons described above. The diary app is expected to appear with the major iOS update iOS 17, coming to iPhones later this year.

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